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Fall in love with yourself. Mind. Body. Soul.

When all roads meet at a junction, there’s always some sort of decision to be made depending on the perspective, hindsight and goal in mind. Before we created Real Outplay, I’ve always wanted to instill public awareness on the importance of having a healthy body, mind, and soul through alternative and holistic interventions.

With plenty of room to grow, we thus choose the road to bring about Real Outplay as a brand and platform that inspires, cares, and provide growth to nurture your mind, body and soul.

YOU set your own rules, YOU outplay your game, and YOU be your better everyday. The good news is we take care of your very specific needs, we give you better answers to what should fit you and so you can experience your true potential.

So come on in and join the tribe, as we do what we love, together. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you find something for you.


What We Believe In

We like to be valued as a health and fitness platform that provides solutions, inspirations, practical, clean and honest, good for the body merchandise and events to athletes. We stand and believe that a heathy mind, body and soul coupled with the best nutritional diet is able to give an optimum performance to an athlete.


What Is Our Legacy

We want to be known as a company that focuses on wellness and fitness with a great line of products to supplement your movement.



Our platform exist to empower athletes and sportsmen alike to be the best version of themselves. This is in and through our content, products and services.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Conquer it!”

The Journey

It all began as we’ve always find it difficult when it comes to having a good selection, whether be it a skin care, food, or even essential items after our workout. We adapt a wholefood diet due to certain intolerants and try our best to go organic with most things to avoid the harsh chemicals to our body.

Due to an adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid symptom that Jo is facing, she is very cautious over her food, skin and body care, thus making the right choices is always key.

We stumbled upon our first line of products, One & All, through a dear friend, and the rest is history. We became hooked with all these effective and ‘clean’ products and to its many goodness and wellness promoting qualities.

A dream was born

Real Outplay was born to focus on health and fitness routines, developed by athletes for active athletes. Real Outplay also projects our desire to provide comprehensive solutions and act as a platform to unite athletes with a common goal, with its affordable, practical, clean and honest line of products and services.

health and fitness

“Always be reminded to outplay yourself in all areas of life.”

Our Mission

The Founders

Jo Tan

HEY, I’m Jo! I have a generous amount of passion for fitness and eating right, not to mention sleeping and relaxing well. I live in Kuala Lumpur with my husband, who sometimes drive me up the wall in a good manner.

Give me smoothie bowls, whole foods, chocolates, sunshine, the beach, my workout gears and I’m a happy gal ????

I like spaces, I should be better at calling my mum, and I try not to procrastinate. I’m a clean freak, I don’t wear enough make-up, I love the sun, but not the freckles, I suck at math and I love a good workout. I like honest people, I get excited over wholefood treats, I find humour in sarcastic jokes, and I find inspirations while sitting on toilet bowls. But I also love deeply and unconditionally, I try to be kind to all and I outplay myself to be better everyday.


Yian Kit

Born and raised in Penang, I was not the fittest kid you would see (but a fat kid, yes!). Fitness and nutrition were the last things I had in mind. Thus, the love for fitness didn’t come naturally to me. It was developed over a period of more than 10 years. Fast forward to present day, fitness is infused in my system and the love for it just grows day by day.

My passion for fitness and sports is what drives me to create Real Outplay with my soulmate, Jo who shares the same passion as me. Real Outplay serves as a platform for us to develop our passion for fitness, nutrition and to bridge the gap between like-minded individuals. At the same time, we would like to give back to society especially to the next generation. This is the reason we are working closely with schools in order for us to educate and provide more information on fitness and nutrition to them.

Challenges are something that I look forward to daily, be it in my career or even during workout. I’m always looking into stepping out of my comfort zone and try out what an average person would deem impossible. Let’s make the impossible, POSSIBLE and we OUTPLAY the challenges!

Our Qualifications

Jo has a degree in Biotechnology and has been in the aesthetic and anti-aging industry for the past decade. She is quite well versed with the latest trends from skin care to hair care, botox to fillers, and from threads to implants. She is also an active duathlete who takes part in various events. She swims for leisure, practices yoga, does weight trainings for strength, and sometimes plays tennis.

Yian Kit graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology. He has vast experience in the scientific and laboratory equipment testing industry. Armed with a great passion and knowledge in bodybuilding and fitness, Yian Kit has been very active in strength training, bodybuilding, swims occasionally for leisure and a hardcore gamer.

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