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KODA is an Australian Sports Nutrition company developing and manufacturing Australian Made products that have a low sensory impact and are as gentle on the stomach as possible. Our products offer the very best in Hydration, Fuelling and Recovery for the athlete.

Our products include Sugar Free Electrolyte Tablets, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan Energy Bars and Gels and a 100% Whey Protein Isolate.

With a customised approach, KODA can tailor hydration and fuel for your needs and provide information so you can realise your true potential.

Since 1995 KODA’s products have been used by dedicated athletes all around the world, achieving amazing results.


The KODA Electrolyte Tablet allows you to customise your hydration to suit your needs and alter the volume of fluid you require based on the weather conditions.

The sugar free / no calorie formula is available in three flavours in a handy take anywhere tube. It’s portable hydration that can adapt to your needs.

– No Sugar
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– Vegan

Available in 3 Flavours.


The KODA Energy Bar is a great tasting, guilt free energy packed snack that delivers in every way. With a taste and consistency that is easy to consume even at elevated heart rate.

The perfect answer for active people who want to keep pace with the body’s fuel needs and to satisfy hunger.

– Natural Ingredients
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– Vegan
– No Added Sugar
– No Artificial Colours or Flavours
– No Preservatives
– Non GMO

Available in 3 Flavours.


The objective of an energy gel is to deliver a high amount of energy, in a small volume, as quickly as possible with the least amount of energy required.

KODA Energy Gels are a carbohydrate food in a semi-fluid, liquid gel form that can provide a high energy component in a small volume.

High Energy, great tasting, fast working and gentle on the stomach.

– Fructose Free
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– Vegan
– No Added Sugar
– Non GMO

Available in 3 Caffeinated and 5 Non-Caffeinated Flavours.


A creamy, smooth texture that is ultra-filtered with no fillers or refined, processed sugars.

A Premium Low Fat Low Carb Formulation with a low sensory impact that is gentle on the stomach.

KODA 100% Whey Protein Isolate is designed to assist in the repair of muscle tissue damaged by exercise.

– Low Fat
– Low Carb
– Ultra Filtered
– No Fillers
– No Refined / Processed Sugars
– Essential BCAA’s and Non GMO

Available in 2 flavours

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