5 Minutes ‘Aha’ Moment With Sue Teoh

Sue is no stranger in the triathlon scene in Malaysia. She is a full-time coach and national triathlete who competes in road and off-road triathlons. She coaches swimming, running, triathlon and general fitness. She is from Kuala Lumpur, a very lovely but mighty lady, loves being fit and active and is always willing to share her passion with everyone else.


How many bikes do you own?

ST: Technically I only own one old mountain bike. The rest of my 3 bikes that you see are sponsored so I don’t actually own them haha.


How many years have you been competing as a triathlete?

ST: I’ve been competing in triathlons for over 12years already. My first triathlon was way back in year 2007.


What is your biggest and or proudest achievement?

ST: Being part of the national triathlon team in the 2015 SEA Games, that was my first major games outing representing my country.


Describe yourself in 5 words

ST: Shy, quiet, loves the outdoors.


What are your tips/advice for aspiring triathletes as a Coach?

ST: Be patient with your progress and be as consistent with your training as possible. Get proper guidance from an experienced coach to help keep u on track to achieving your goals. also don’t forget to have some fun while training or racing.


How do you prepare yourself few days before a race?

ST: Make sure all my equipment is ready and packed then I can relax and concentrate on preparing my mind for the race in a stress free state. Have adequate sleep to get full recovery from all the training. Eat more carb dense food and stay hydrated all the time. Try to get a sports massage too to prep the muscles for race day.


Favourite hobby other than sports?

ST: I like to read and also cook…I’m trying to perfect roast pork at the moment!


Which is your favourite product (from Outplay) and why?

ST: I love the Sporty cleanser the most because the tea tree oil in it has anti-bacterial properties, it smells great, leaves skin silky smooth and it’s an all in one cleanser which helps saves me time in the shower!


Soo…there you go! Ask her for some great reading tips or her best recipes next time you see her. 😊

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