5 Minutes ‘Aha’ Moment With Edwin Thiang

Standing at 178 cm tall, Edwin is a potential triathlete to watch in the years to come. Hailing from Selangor, he represents Team Time Triathlon and is a full-time coach with RC Coaching. His race achievement includes bagging the Champion title for Bukit Merah International Triathlon in 2015 (Sprint distance), Ultra Aquathlon in 2016 (Standard distance) and 2nd runners-up in the current Powerman Asian Championship 2019. He is discipline and focus towards his races and also very dedicated to his students in bringing them to the next level in their game.



How many years have you been competing?

ET: I’ve been in competitive triathlon since I was 10, but only got serious about it when I was 15 years old.


What is your biggest and or proudest achievement?

ET: I would say my 2nd place finish in PD International Triathlon (Sprint Distance) on 2015 and 3rd place finish on 2017.


What different did you do leading up to the event that makes that achievement extraordinarily special?

ET: I work more on my weakness and came up with a better race strategy.



As a coach, how do you see the community/ industry of triathlon in M’sia?

ET: As for now, I think it is gradually growing and the awareness for this sport has definitely increased. More and more people are eager to pick up the sport as they see the enjoyment in it as well as setting it as a challenge for themselves. But I think more exposure are still needed to bring up this sport in Malaysia. This can be done by promoting or educating young kids about triathlon, and encouraging parents to introduce this sport to their children. With that being said, a better structure and program will be required from National Triathlon Federation to promote this sport in every states of Malaysia. I also suggest that more triathlon races should be organised consistently throughout year to increase the awareness of the sport.

Where is your favourite training ground?

ET: Swim – Bukit Jalil. Bike- Putrajaya/Bukit Jelutong. Run- MPSJ


Favourite place in the world?

ET: Malaysia.



Describe yourself in 5 words.

ET: Friendly. Determined. Wise. Forgetful. Funny.


Which is your favourite product (from Outplay) and why?

ET: I really like Swimmers, as I only need to bring one bottle of shampoo everywhere I go and it is able to clear off the chlorine from my skin.

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